Only when you experience pregnancy and birth are you able to fully understand the complexity of birthing. Pregnancy is as wonderful as it is challenging, both physically and emotionally, and every woman should have as much support as she feels is needed. I am forever grateful of being honored with Natalia's presence while pregnant and during the birth of my second child, Mia. To say she was my doula is so little, when in reality, she was my mother when my mother was away, and my husband when my husband had to work, and my friend when I felt overwhelmed by it all. We talked a lot during her visits. We talked about babies, and hormones, and size, and weight... but we also talked about everyday life and nonsense, all of which was oh so needed. When the big day came, she arrived within minutes and within minutes the space was filled with flowers, smells, treats and most importantly, her bright and joyful energy. Her excitement and confidence in that everything was going to go well, brought peace to me and my husband allowing us to remain present and enjoy every part of it. I felt her hands push against my thighs during the long hours of surges, and she was able to pull me back from dark places when I felt lost in pain. After Mia was born, she took care of all distractions allowing us privacy during that infinite moment when we met our daughter for the first time. She waited patiently for her turn to hold Mia, and when she did, and I saw them together, it was clear to me that they knew each other as if they were part of the same lineage. I realized then how fortunate we were to have had her within our intimate circle, brightening it with her unconditional love and service.

For all of this and all that can't be put in words, thank you Natalia. - Catalina, mother of Mia

Natalia is a wonderful Doula. She is very competent and professional, but she is, more importantly, remarkably caring, attentive and humane. She played an extremely important role in the birth of our first child--making it both easier in the hard moments and more enjoyable in the happy ones. She did not rest even for one second in her task of helping us cope with the pain and the tiredness. She offered Maria Paula multiple methods--both instrumental and emotional--to make the pain more bearable, and at the same time offered Juan spaces to rest and words of encouragement. And when the time came for our son to be born she was as overwhelmed with happiness as we were, took the most wonderful pictures and celebrated with us. She afterwards came to visit several times, and we felt a strong bond between her, ourselves and the baby. - Maria & Juan, parents of Ulises

Natalia was the best decision my husband and I made for our birth. Her energy and presence throughout my labor was calm, peaceful and reassuring. When I got anxious about how long things were taking in early labor, she would remind me that my labor was progressing and it's pathway was right and true. She knew when it was time to go to the hospital. Without her, we probably would have ended up at the hospital 12 hours earlier because we wouldn't have had the confidence to labor at home much longer. Had we arrived at the hospital 12 hours earlier, I can't help but think they would have induced me eventually because my early labor was so long. As I progressed into active labor, she helped me through the incredibly painful contractions. My husband followed her lead and, together, they developed a rhythm for the contractions that made them more endurable. All the while, she was supportive and grounded. At no time did I feel that she was watching the clock or had any desire to be elsehwere. She truly did hold the space for my husband, my baby, and me.

Without Natalia, I don't know that I could have accomplished my goal of having a natural, unmedicated birth.

On top of that, she helped to document the process. She took photos, made note of details that I was too much in a trance to remember, and shared all of this with us after the fact. I was so grateful to have these memories. Additionally, when I was having trouble breast-feeding, her suggestions literally turned breast-feeding successfully around.

Natalia is a gift. If you are looking for a doula, I can't recommend her enough. It meant so much to have a strong, compassionate presence with me during one of the most intimate moments of my life. - Emily, mother of Leona Beverly

My husband and i regularly reflect on how thankful we are that Natalia was our doula. From the day we met her, we both felt at ease and comfortable with her, and continued to feel that way during our meetings before birth. Not only did we feel like we had similar birth philosophies, but we also just felt that she would support and encourage us without judgement, which is exactly what she did.

Natalia came out to our home in Brooklyn at 4am when I was in labor, and the second she arrived I immediately felt more at ease, as did my husband. She is such a tender, gentle and calming presence. She stroked and held my hair when I was sick over the toilet; she used counter pressure techniques and gave my husband a break when he was exhausted too; and she regularly (& gently) reminded me to go back my calm/happy place when I started to feel overwhelmed, as well as reminding me that the baby was okay and safe and that everything that was happening was normal and healthy (which for your first labor, can't be undervalued!)

She accompanied us in an Uber to the hospital, which was perhaps the time we needed her most! We were stuck in rush hour traffic for 1.5 hours, while I was transitioning (not fun!) and she stayed so calm and encouraging, when I was freaking out and scared. My husband & I regularly comment on how we dont know what we would have done had she not be there to support us. When we got to the hospital, she took charge and got us up to L&D as fast as possible and Delphinum was delivered about 30 minutes later! During the birth Natalia took photos that I will cherish forever and stayed with us for the next couple hours until we got transfered to our room. Even after the birth, she brought us food, made sure I stayed hydrated, and just reveled in our joy with us. She was an integral, wonderful part of our birth story and it brings tears to my eyes to think about what a joy and blessing it was to have her as our doula! - Bethany, mother of Phin

Natalia was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her calm and positive attitude helped my wife and I stay focused and relaxed during the labor. She was well informed and provided lots of good information and support along the way. We highly recommend her for anyone, she clearly loves what she does! - Matt, father of Elijah

Before our first pregnancy, we didn't have much of an idea of the role of a doula or if we wanted to hire one for the the labor.  Because we don't have family in the city, we were interested to see if a doula could offer us some moral and logistical support but didn't love the idea of bringing a stranger into such an intimate family environment.

We met a few doulas but from the moment we met Natalia Hailes, we knew we felt very comfortable having her a part of our pregnancy and labor. She has become a trusted friend and as we look back, we don't know what we would have done without her. Natalia's knowledge and passion for the birthing process made us feel empowered and supported. 

Her home visits were informative but casual. She was respectful of our preferences and did not try to push any agenda which we did not express to her as desired. She bundled great packages of resources for our use over the 10 months and was always pouring her heart into email responses which calmed our concerns.

Natalia is obviously a natural. We are excited to watch her career blossom and will always recommend her services to our dearest loved ones. - Nicole & Patrick, parents of Leon


Working with Natalia stands out as one of the best decisions we made in preparing for our baby's arrival. The instant we met Natalia, we felt at ease and reassured. She met with us a few times in advance and made sure we were well informed and confident about the birth process, as well as all the variable aspects of the hospital experience.

Natalia was there for us at every moment of a lengthy overnight labor, offering multiple techniques to cope with the pain and encouraging us to get sleep when we could. Her calm, warm demeanor never changed, although it was nearly 30 hours before we were ready to head to the hospital. She diffused any anxiety about how things were "progressing" and made it possible for us to just be in the moment. Katie was able to have the intervention-free delivery she was hoping for and Chris felt supported and energized as a labor partner. We don't think it would have been possible without Natalia's confidence and support.

After the baby arrived, Natalia stayed with us to make sure we were settled in comfortably. And, most crucially, she stayed in touch with us over the following days and weeks to make sure everything was going OK, and providing detailed support where we needed it. She researched a wealth of information on breastfeeding, sleeping and other topics that we're still referring to. We feel so lucky to have included Natalia in our birth experience and feel very grateful for her loving energy.  - Chris & Katie, parents of Luca



There were so many times during labor and delivery I thought to myself how glad I was that we'd hired Natalia. The support she gave both of us and her calm nature throughout were so reassuring. I'd recommend her as a doula without hesitation. - Jeff, father of Ellie

My husband and I had an wonderful experience with Natalia. She was exactly what we wanted in a doula- someone who had the same philosophy towards labor and birth and was kind, encouraging and incredibly helpful during this momentous occasion. My husband and I didn't attend any birthing classes as we felt prepared from our research and meetings with Natalia. During those sessions in our home she answered any questions and took the time to understand any needs we might have for labor. It was intimate in our home and my husband and I loved the simplicity and connection we all shared as we traveled this journey together. 

During labor, she was right there by my side, comforting me, helping me change positions and offering me water and nourishment. She really took care of me as I labored at home. Her calm demeanor and voice were soothing during that time of stress and I loved that she was willing to help in any way to make me more comfortable during the process. 

Natalia's presence of mind continued as I transitioned in the cab to the hospital and made our way into the delivery room. She was right by my side during that time and stayed another two hours after little Lincoln was born; giving me water and breaking off pieces of protein bar. She also took beautiful pictures and video from after the birth which I will always treasure. 

I was so blessed to have had Natalia as my doula. Not ony was she integral in me feeling ready and prepared for the birth of my son but she has continued to go over and beyond by making herself available to me in any way since delivery. During the postnatal visit, she helped me with my breastfeeding latch, lovingly did my dishes and even helped make some "pad-cicles" while I was in pain. 

I will always be grateful for Natalia's presence in the birth of my son and highly recommend her for any prospective parent looking for gentle, compassionate, and knowledgable doula.Lana mother of Lincoln

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Natalia, she was an incredible doula but more than that she has become a great friend. This was our first pregnancy and we did not know much about anything, there is only so much you can read online or in books but it's nice to have someone to help guide you and help with any questions we had. We were a little apprehensive about having a doula to begin with being that it is such a personal and intimate experience but when we met Natalia she had put our apprehensions at ease. 

Natalia was wonderful and such a great support for the day of our delivery, obviously we didn't know what to expect and how things were going to go but having her there to reassure us and help with the some techniques. I seriously don't know how we would've done it without her. -Tessa and Marco, parents of Ella

Let me start by saying that Natalia isn't just a doula, for my family, she is a part of us! She is extremely loving, warm and caring. She was following up with my pregnancy overseas and sending me lots of useful information. When I arrived to New York, she met with me straight away. She never hesitated in providing me with any information I needed or anything she thought was useful for me. When I went into labor at 3 AM, my husband called her and 20 minutes later she was there for me providing all the possible physical and emotional support. In the labor and delivery room, she made sure everything I wanted in my birth plan happen, starting from what I wanted to listen to during labor until which receiving blanket to use for the baby. She didn't want to leave me for a minute during labor although I asked her various times to go home and rest for a bit since I had a long labor. After delivery, she used to check up on the baby and I via text messages until we met in our post delivery meeting where she made sure the baby was nursing and latched correctly and that I was doing well. This testimonial doesn't do her any justice. I will definitely ask her to be my doula next time I am pregnant and will recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you, Natalia, for everything you have done for our family! - Bassant, mother of Hassan