I believe every woman has a right to have a healthy pregnancy and give birth under her own terms, making her own rules and informed decisions. I offer non-judgmental support for mothers and families regardless of their birth preferences or personal beliefs. As a Birth Doula I will hold the space for mothers and partners during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period to support them in all possible ways according to their needs and desires. 


I offer heart-to-heart compassionate care for all mothers and families. My approach is one of respect and kindness, offering my full support no matter what. I give mothers space when they need space and hold their hands when they need me. I am deeply passionate about my work and use my intuition and training to provide holistic and continuous care. 


Having the right information and knowledge is crucial for women and partners so they can make empowered decisions. I guide and encourage  expecting parents by providing an open line of communication, reading recommendations and a list of resources so they know all their options. That way they can make the best decisions regarding pregnancy procedures, labor and birth preferences, newborn care and the postpartum period. Fortunately, I have found that my passion for this particular knowledge is contagious.