DRUM BEAT - a prayer for the earth

A mandala honoring the four directions: in the east, where the sun rises, we find the bell, the connection to the mental realm. The south where our physical body lays is the direction of the drum, the connection to our heart beat and it's incessant rhythm. In the west, click-sticks remind us of our emotions and the tools we have to liberate them. The north is our spiritual connection, where our ancestors lay, the place for the rattle, the cleansing sound.

The beating of the rattle breaks up stagnant energy that blocks the natural flow within our bodies. Is the sound of the rain, of purification. The possibility for a clean start and a new beginning with endless possibilities.

This drum is a prayer. A prayer for the earth. A prayer for women and men. A prayer so we can find our voices, connect to our heart beats and our breath. A prayer for the holiness of our bodies, the sacredness of our dance, the power of our voice. A prayer for more love. A prayer for less pain.