We’re hosting a Birth Gathering!

Some of you may be thinking about childbirth in the near (or not so near) future and some of you might be reaching for your birth control. Well, we think this gathering can be valuable for all. FOR ALL GENDERS!

Crazy things are happening in hospitals right here in NYC - both in public and private settings.  Women's perineal areas are being cut without permission, babies are being given formula without consent, the C-section rate is almost 40% (W.H.O. recommends it shouldn't be higher than 10-15%!!!!). Plus, for the most part, we aren't introduced to anything surrounding childbirth until it's already happened- and in some cases, too late. 

We’re especially interested in investigating why birth is so foreign in our culture and how to go about normalizing and demystifying it so that we can make informed choices and feel empowered by the experience when and if the time comes.

We truly believe that if we start arming ourselves with information now and start familiarizing ourselves with birth and trusting that it’s a normal process, when and if the time comes, we will be better able to speak up for ourselves and others, trust our bodies, and become more active participants in our births and the births of others. 

So please join us:

When: July 15th at 7:30 pm

Where: 836 Bergen st. apt 105 - rooftop weather permitting

What: Chattin' about birth and drinks

We hope to see you there!


RSVP to nataliahailes@gmail.com