Last full moon of the winter

Today is the last full moon of the winter and yet, it's only March and the snow is still falling from the sky. March always makes me feel like the winter is never going to end and I'm going to be cold forever. And then, spring comes and the sun starts shinning and things get lighter. It's amazing how much energy we store during the cold months and how easy it is to let it all go when the days get warm.

This blue Virgo full moon marks the end of the winter cycle. It's a shift from the head to the heart, from the left side of the brain to the right side. An invitation to get in touch with our intuition and out of our monkey mind, to find balance between both sides and make room for new energies. Traditionally, virgo is the virgin - the symbol of wholeness - a sign of expansion, a time when the virgin land is ready to be reborn. It's a fertily sign and it means spring is around the corner!

In tune with this idea of finding more balance and rhythm, I invite you to take part of a wonderful workshop that will help you balance both hands and brain hemispheres. Rowan Storm is coming to Brooklyn on March 22nd (right after the new moon!) to teach us Frame Drumming. Her technique and special Thinline Frame Drum allows us to use our left hand as a creative partner, to harmonize the rational with the intuitive and explore the integration of duality. No experience or musical talent necessary!

Tickets are very affordable and include a drum. There's an early bird special until March 15th for only $65. Space is limited so reserve your spot soon! All details can be found here:

Happy full moon and happy drumming!